Music – there is no doubt it has the ability to change and influence our emotions. Just think about one of your favorite songs and how it makes you feel when you hear it. Maybe it makes you feel sad or nostalgic. Or maybe it makes you feel happy and ready to hit the dance floor. Whatever emotion it evokes, music is a powerful force on our emotions and mood. And it’s no different for kids. Music has the same type of effect on children and is especially useful for helping kids calm down when they’re upset.

Even if you have been successful at reducing how often your child throws a tantrum, kids will still have the occasional meltdown; and music may just be your saving grace (and theirs!). Although there is limited scientific research measuring the effect of music on stress levels, one study was able to conclude that soothing music does indeed help people calm down faster. The study exposed a group of participants to a stressor. Then one group listened to soothing music while another group did not. The study revealed that the group that listened to soothing music calmed down faster than those who did not listen to music. The great thing about trying music to soothe your little one is that it’s easy and fast to implement it with no special skills required.

How do I choose soothing music?

Many people assume that classical music is good for calming anyone down – including children. But that isn’t necessarily the case and largely depends on what type of classical music you listen to. Some classical is fast and exciting while some is soft and calm while building to a loud, bold crescendo. Neither types are appropriate for soothing an upset child.

With the Ninja Focus app, we’ve removed the guesswork when it comes to choosing soothing music. The app (which you can download here for free) is packed with expertly composed, purposeful, original music designed to help your child chill out and calm down. Our experts know what creates calm in children and we’ve put it all in our app; making calming your child down a snap. Ninja Focus soothing music tracks like Weekends, Clouds and Calming were all written and recorded with bi-neural beats to support reducing stress or increasing focus and more. With the perfect rhythms and sounds to help calm children down and even help them focus. What are you waiting for? Get the Ninja Focus app for free right now and start instilling calm and focus into your household in just a few minutes. 

Check out this calming music in our video below!