It’s bedtime and the kids are running around, you’re tired, they’re not tired. Of course!

Why not try to soothe them to sleep with some of these Ninja Parent tools from the Ninja Focus app?

1.) Tuck the kids into bed after a nice shower or bath, teeth flossed and brushed, and play a lullaby. Sleep experts have found time and again that playing a soothing lullaby at bed can help establish a consistent schedule that lulls kids to sleep. The music sets the perfect atmosphere for some little zzz’s. If you mindfully sing with all your heart, lullabies have been found my neuroscientists to release “oxytocin”, a hormone that also releases when breastfeeding and cuddling. Lullabies have been sang for generations to soothe kids to sleep; and scientists are now saying that soothing music like lullabies “can reduce sympathetic nervous system activity; decrease anxiety, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate; and possibly have positive effects on sleep in regards to muscle relaxation and distraction from vexing thoughts” (University of Toronto).

2.) Get all comfy in bed, take a nice deep breath, navigate to Sleepy Shores, and play a sleep meditation. Meditation can fight nighttime tantrums by putting kids’ minds and bodies at ease. They’re attention drifts away on the guided imagery and with Ninja Focus sleep meditations paired with lullaby melodies it’s a great way to get kids to close their eyes and relax for bed.

3.) Once all snuggled in bed, turn off the lights and play a bedtime story! Bedtime stories have been a timeless method to get kids to go to bed. No time? Play a bedtime story! It’s a great audio recording of bedtime adventures, crafted to read your little ones to sleep. No need to look at the screen or keep the lights on.