Hey guys!

It’s Kamala! I went down to join the New Way Academy family to roll out the inaugural pilot program of the 34-week Ninja Focus Mindfulness Program! New Way Academy “has firmly established itself as Arizona’s premier K-12 independent day school catering to children with learning differences such as dyslexia, ADHD and executive functioning difficulties.”

We brought some beautiful posters to decorate the classroom!


It was exciting to finally see the kids’ reactions to the Ninja bunny siblings and learn gratitude while having fun!


We made the sound of rain with our hands, learned a bit about relaxing the mind and body and so much more!

New Way has already welcomed Ninja Focus into its warm and friendly arms with Ninja Bunny  Fridays!


Every Friday, for 45 minutes of the morning, New Way students will be practicing mindfulness with Ninja Focus!

Stay tuned for some updates!