Best kids app available!

This app is amazing! My 3 yr old loves it! So easy for her to navigate on her own. What a great idea to add rewards like trophies it motivates her to listen to each section completely. Every child needs to learn the tools of mindfulness, meditation and yoga. So happy I have such a wonderful way to introduce these concepts to my little ones.

Mom of a 3-year-old & Yoga Instructor

Love this app!

What a fun idea! Plus, how can you not love the bunny?

Incredible necessary app for children & their families!

Meditation is such a powerful tool for children! Great music & cute design that all kids and grownups will love!

My 4 year old LOVES this app!

Out of all the calming apps that I’ve tried, my daughter loves this one the most! She gets excited every time she clicks it and sees the ninja bunny run up to greet her. It’s so well designed and keeps her interested longer than she has been with most meditation apps. Her favorite thing so far is music meadows where she gets to listen to songs especially her favorite one called “Dance Dance”.

Little champion

Ninja focus is fantastic my son became extremely excited after watching it. It has taken most of the responsibilities of Mom.

Turning stressful emotions into peaceful moments

I just downloaded this for my 9 year old son. Immediately he was intrigued! He loves going onto the app as soon as he gets home from school to take some time for himself to destress. He’s been using the app for a week and already we see the difference it’s making for him. Doing homework is less stressful now that he gets his meditation time. Before bed he does more meditation and breathing exercises. He then loves listening to the calming music as he falls asleep. He loves his reminders that he can set for himself.

My 3 year old Loves this app!

It normally takes her about 1-2 hours to get her to sleep, but [the sleep] meditation put her to sleep in under 5 minutes.

Mom of three year old girl